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Plato by Mind Map: Plato

1. ‘the health of the state is crucially dependent on its being governed by those who love wisdom; i.e. Philosophers - those who live in the light. However studying philosophy you don't find two Philosophers who agree on the exact same things ... Q. what do you feel about this in terms of running a state???

2. immortality; virtue & beauty of the soul; objective standards of justice.

2.1. Plato clearly alludes to Socrates’ belief in immortality when he argues that happiness is found in the possession of beauty or goodness forever.

3. Essay Plan

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Goal 1

3.1.2. Goal 2

3.2. Biography

3.2.1. Session Rule 1

3.2.2. Session Rule 2

3.3. Main ideas

3.4. Dialogues and the Cave

3.5. His contibution to Philosophy

4. Biography

4.1. 428-347BCE

4.2. Plato is remembered as one of history’s greatest philosophers. He founded the Academy as a school of philosophy, and it earned an unrivalled reputation in classical culture.

4.3. He was a student of Socrates.

4.3.1. He used the dialogical method in his Philosophy ... Q. What were some of his famous dialogues?

4.4. New node

5. main Ideas

5.1. Reality v Illusion

5.1.1. matter

5.1.2. form

5.2. what is worthwhile is eternal, objective, immutable

5.3. of ideas / forms; the Good, love as desire for goodness & beauty

5.3.1. Plato’s contention is that the universal, or the form or idea, really exists. The individual or the particular is merely a copy of the universal form and ‘exists only to the extent that it participates in it. Beauty, truth, goodness, justice are forms that eternal, objective, immutable, spiritual and real.

6. The cave

6.1. The context for the allegory is the task of education, highlighting the challenge that awaits all those who seek to model their lives in the light of the Good.

6.2. How could we connect the allegory to modern culture???

7. Contibution to Philosophy

7.1. How to live ones life - ideas on democracy and how states should be run "the allegory of the cave charts the journey that must be taken by all who strive to live the good life"

7.2. Living a "good" life as central to the human strive.

7.3. Ant others? Any particular Philosophers influenced by Plato???

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8. New node

8.1. What's going on here???

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