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Audience Profile by Mind Map: Audience Profile

1. The aspect of stalking conforms to the genre of thriller. However, the gender of the characters subverts the stereotypes. To elaborate, the female is the antagonist and is the one committing a crime. We generally see males as the antagonist and subjecting to voyeurism. However, our female is a protagonist and a victim and the female is the antagonist and the villain. This may appeal to female audiences as it portrays our female antagonist is strong and determined. The suspense of it may appeal to the secondary gender: male audiences because stereotypically, males are known to prefer films where there is suspense and action. Furthermore, it subverts the stereotypical masculine man.

2. Steve Neale's Repetition and Different Theory

3. Thriller enthusiasts will be interested in our film as our film contains a lot of conventions of thrillers.

4. We will be targeting people with ages above 17 as we will be including graphic images, blood, disturbing violence etc.

5. Our target audience will be mass and global because we include universal themes and language.

6. Our target audience will be the older Generation Z and the Millenials as our characters' ages will be similar to theirs.

7. Demographics

7.1. Older students because their ages are similar to the ages of our characters and the hardworking protagonist in our film is a hero. This subverts youth stereotypes as being lazy and antagonizing

8. Psycographics

8.1. Mainstreamers because our film is a mass media product. ​ Explorers because they value adventure and trying new things. ​ Reformers because we deal with the social issue of stalking and the detrimental consequences.