Brow & Lash Revision

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Brow & Lash Revision by Mind Map: Brow & Lash Revision

1. To see if they're allergic to the product

1.1. Red, puffy, swollen skin might show a positive test

2. Contra- indication

2.1. Stye

2.2. conjunctivitis

2.3. cuts

2.4. Less than 6 months

2.5. Bruised eye

3. Before eye treatment

4. Ask them to tell GP if they have conjunctivitis

5. Skin/ Patch test

5.1. wait 24 - 48 hours before starting treatment

5.2. Need to do a new one every time

5.3. product may not be suitable for client

5.4. can be sued

5.5. invalid insurance

6. Cleanser

6.1. non oily eye make-up remover is best for at the start

7. Eyebrow Shaping

7.1. Nose Point

7.1.1. 3 points: inner corner of eye to nose

7.1.2. nose through centre of pupil

7.1.3. nose to outer corner of eye

7.2. Not hurting the client/ pain free

7.2.1. pluck in one direction

7.2.2. pull the skin taut

7.2.3. work quickly