Meeting with Poupon preparation 30-Nov-2020

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Meeting with Poupon preparation 30-Nov-2020 by Mind Map: Meeting with Poupon preparation 30-Nov-2020

1. Docs to leverage

1.1. Advanced Analytics for MFG - Infosys POV

1.2. Engineering Website

1.3. ESPw3 deck

1.3.1. Engineering Handbook Alstom Métier FAQ

1.4. IOT offering

1.5. Sathish AM deck

1.6. Sathish Blockchain

1.7. Sandeep untapped opportunities

1.8. Consulting Digital Transformation deck

1.9. Francesco on Bombardier

1.10. Work from 2 Lean consultants in India

1.11. Procurement and Supply Chain consulting - Florian

1.12. Next gen. + Emerging (Sathish to share)

1.12.1. Big Data

1.12.2. Autonomous vehicles

1.12.3. DAS?

1.12.4. AR/VR

2. Meeting agenda

2.1. Executive summary

2.2. Introductions

2.2.1. People only

2.3. About Alstom

2.4. Assessment of the health of the relationship

2.5. Infosys offering (capability based)

2.6. Business models

2.6.1. "I feel badto askyou to spend money. They are business model to save you money from day 1"

2.7. Bombardier acquisition

3. Details

3.1. Executive summary

3.1.1. Alstom is not ripping the full benefits of the relationship. Infosys can help beyond current scope "périmètre" anddeliver way better in existing scope Example!

3.1.2. Why we are here

3.1.3. Special asks Connect Monthly between us Joshi to meet Poupon's boss

3.2. Introductions

3.2.1. "Message from Nitesh" or Joshi? Yes, but not upfront.

3.2.2. Benoit I asked Joshi to become xxx for Alstom and move mountains at Infosys to add value, because I think that Alstom is missing out Make Infosys a number one partner for innovation and to optimize your operations New business models New technologies across the value chain Cost reduction Faster time to marker Much more than keeping the lights on with IS&T We can bring something to your business. I don't know if it is a €1 MM or a €100 MM chance to improve

3.3. About Alstom

3.3.1. Infosys understanding (from AT shoes) Organization Customer view: 4 product lines to customers Insider's view Questions Strategic priorities Bombardier Our take on 2-5 year strategic priorities

3.3.2. Let them introduce "Vision 2025" What is it How are you organized What are your strategy Core business vs. outsourcing

3.3.3. Classify Mood at Alstom Budget is set until March 2021 Bombardier First day - still competitors Day 1 in January Are we involved in IS&T migration Poupon Responsible for DMA Also responsible for digital technologies Where is Manufacturing Engineering Tier 1 supply chain Technology Tendering Regions are P&L Platforms vs Engineering Raw material supply chain Where is Indian hub

3.4. Assessment of the health of the relationship

3.4.1. Infosys / Alstom partnership over the years

3.4.2. Recent unsuccessful engagements

3.4.3. "Ongoing exercise"

3.4.4. List all projects, areas where we support

3.4.5. List all RFP

3.5. Infosys offering

3.5.1. How to present Introduce capability, POV and tech through customer stories

3.5.2. Topics Engineering (see website intro to MFG) Emerging technologies Focus on AM Value Engineering PLM Industry 4.0 AM Digital Consulting Digital transformation Supply chain & procurement GSI Use cases P&W digital factory ToW Long-tail Need case study from Boaing and Airbus Predictive maintenance IT

3.6. Business models

3.6.1. Turn-key

3.6.2. Staff augmentation Support projects

3.6.3. Consolidation

3.6.4. Talk about possible engagement models Infosys teams Governance

3.7. Bombardier acquisition & industry trends

3.7.1. Bombardier New contract negotiation with suppliers Long tail consolidation Problems Keep the lights on: IS&T Deliver the cost savings promissed to stakeholders Solutions ToW Long tail

3.7.2. Trends M&A standardisation and harmonisation of asset platforms, supply chain optimisations and wider global footprint are few of the critical drivers leading to such exercises. focus on digitalisation key driver for innovation in the railways. It provides significant opportunities to streamline operations, improve reliability of assets and enhance passenger (or customer in case of freight) experience while reducing costs.

4. Desired outcomes

4.1. General

4.1.1. Build/keep a relationship with him and middle-management (who will be consulted at some point)

4.1.2. Get insights on how Alstom tick these days

4.1.3. Understand the business dynamics, especially in the context of Bombardier acquisition, and where the $ is

4.1.4. Test the appetite for broad, bold partnership

4.1.5. Present range of Engineering services

4.1.6. CXO connect and operating rhythm

4.1.7. Set up the scene for meeting with Joshi at higher level

4.1.8. Present Infosys as an Engineering Service Provider and Consulting firm, more than IT

4.2. Specific asks to Poupon

4.2.1. Get connects into the business (Shriram initial plan)

4.2.2. Make sure that we are part of future RfQ, unlike Additive Manufacturing earlier this year

4.2.3. Carve out a work package that address a pressing need (to be identified): trying to stay outside of the “RFP rat race” while having a tangible WP to demonstrate competency (a slide deck should not be used to demonstrate skill)

4.2.4. Put forward possible business models between Infosys and Alstom to solve a CXO-level problem

4.2.5. Agree on a regular alignment (monthly?) with key leaders at Alstom, with the intent to grow broader and higher over time

4.2.6. Get onboarded as a Business consultancy Infosys not a listed vendor for Business Consulting

4.2.7. Discuss support engagement beyond June

4.2.8. Accelerate GSI discussions

5. Other

5.1. Discussion notes

5.1.1. Ideas with Shriram Agenda Introduction Journey with Alstom Alstom introduction That's how we understand your organization Introduce capability, POV and tech through customer stories Bombardier New contract negotiation with suppliers Long tail consolidation Problems Solutions Send a form? REvenue All IS&T Support Org chart ADM = Alstom Digital Mobility Need to target Beaudoin = ADM Competitors work for ADM Small players too Vision 2025 Operations CTO Understand Alstom organisation Where are the MAnuafcturing Where is Anand Shriram wants to start

5.1.2. What do we know about the merger with Bombardier

5.1.3. Now is a proactive pitch, rather than an opportunity

5.1.4. Florian Couetdic Profile Infosys Limited France Rattaché à BPM Supply chain and Souring Florian to prepare a list of capability around MFG, A&D 4PL model with Is procurement part of Supply chain? Is it done internally or not? Post acquisition synergies started already orwill entities work separately? Pitch to Supply Chain and Procurement to Poupon Florian in listening mode Pain points from Alstom GBS RFP Infosys not a listed vendor for Business Consulting Qualify or disqualify Poupon

5.1.5. DNA with Shriram Alstom is 1000s licenses on Clicksense /Clickview Need case study from Boaing and Airbus Predictive maintenance Iotics use case Boeing There's bias at Alstom - we need to override the tide, for Alstom own benefit From the lense of IT More relationship with competitors Shriram Escalation to Joshi Relationship manager / Sales Always translate the case studies into Alstom context Inventory cost reduction case study looks good Predicting shipment delays "lean manufacturing" 2 lean consultants in India There is a Case Study around this 3 to 4 months Discontinued because of rates Interview Talk about possible engagement models Involve consulting too Florian, based in Versailles Message to Poupon Help me being successful: give me projects Target: extend beyond June

5.1.6. Requests - next steps Shriram 1) what went wrong in the AR/VR domain (6 meetings and no outcome) 2) let's re-consider doing this meeting in French 3) Can I see a timeline of recent activity: RfQ/RfI, empanelment etc in the past 2-3 years in IS&T and Engineering 4) who is the manager who opposed Infosys, and got us to lose the deal in favour of Deloite ? 5) Also related to 3, a list of activities we are / were engaged in = where we support Alstom in France and India. For ongoing projects, who is the Delivery point of contact (most knowledge of the work being done)? Profiling of Fréféric Poupon Sandeep Connect with Francesco Rossi Joshi Hire a domain consultant?

5.1.7. Pursuit team | Infosys governance Need to show a unified face Benoît Why Benoit? He deeply cares about Alstom doing well. Move mountains at Infosys.

5.1.8. Ideas with Sandeep & Francesco GSI solution Support anything related to Bombardier "ability to deal with M&A activities" Mauro Difficult to grow into the Business because of IT "Francesco is supported by Joshi" Global Single Instance - SAP solution Technical part now with Accenture Infosys supports business part Mauro Tabaro ADM

5.1.9. Mindset We can bring something to your business. I don't know if it is a €1 MM or a €100 MM chance to improve

5.2. Meeting format

5.2.1. Attendees Not a technical meeting. Sathish for instance is not needed. Not a top-level meeting either: Joshi not needed "Joshi is not joining because I asked him to lead this"

5.2.2. Language French

5.3. Thoughts on account structure

5.3.1. About me Line clear responsibilities - then work as a team. Always blurred at Infosys. Not sloppy shoulders. Everyone say "the buck stops here" - cannot work. We need to align explicitely You have the very unique *** to do very well in the company. "You are French!" How I see my role in Sales I struggle to understand the organization. Engagement Managers vs. Sales for instance. Team and people can be siloed and information fragmented. Heroic effort over

5.3.2. One Team Full history of pitches/RFPs etc. Easy one: full history of the account over the past 2-3 years – Shriram/Sandeep Channels for All ongoing work/projects Sales initiatives and insights Up-to-date presentations on Infosys teams and stakeholders Coaching on competitive landscape: Alten, Accenture, TCS etc. in Alstom domain and geographies AT organisation

5.3.3. Work Scope Disentanglement plan Prevention Plan Signature Session IS&T Anand Debnath Francesco INF_CR_INF_218_SoW_193_Software Release Model_PMO Role Need access to contracts Timeline Committment Value Type of work Support vs. projects REvenue All IS&T Support Project organization Nominate one person per project Stakeholders

5.3.4. Alstom organization CTO What is his role? ADM = Alstom Digital Mobility Digital Transformation of the organizatin Org chart Operations Understand Alstom organisation Where are the MAnuafcturing Where is Anand

5.3.5. Where to grow Platform Project ADM = Alstom Digital Mobility = Signalling Operations IS&T Bombardier PLM Engage with Frédéric Bring to Alstom some bold proposals (leverage wins from other accounts) Taking captive operations Long-tail spending BPO/BPM

5.3.6. Good ideas and disciplined execution

5.3.7. SWOT Weakness (to address) No presence in France (delivery teams, French-speaking teams) Benoit himself not in Paris... Weak CXO connect No connect in Business (leading the show) There's bias at Alstom - we need to override the tide, for Alstom own benefit Strength (to capitalize) France and India Opportunity (to exploit) Connect to business in France Threat (to mitigate) Cheaper local suppliers in India

5.3.8. Site-specific organisation France India Other?

5.3.9. Weekly People Projects Delmia 4.0

5.3.10. IS&T Service organization Tools to improve maintenance activities in Alstom Martin Antoine Arnaud Menard Director Martin's boss Pratt & Whitney Digital Whiteboards implemented using PMC (Apriso Planner) Do you do dashboards using Apriso or separate analytics tool Offline maintenance capability Good capability in 2019 version of Apriso Working towards 21/22 new features Not sure we need an additional partner today Apriso vision 1500 users under SIS or SES, and growing Severa deployment next year new sites Release, improvements on repair and maintenance Want an MVP for the offline Want to assess the capability of the integrator in offshore mode on these modules RFP for next release starting April 2021 Rely on partner's skills (Alstom will not train on PLC, offline etc.)

5.3.11. Admin Opportunity LOE Operations for Joshi's portfolio Decentralize the operations Get BPO team to handle the dispatch of the invoices etc. Introduction to DMs who have worked on Alstom

5.3.12. Manage the transition Alstom side

5.3.13. Weekly with Sourcing