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School 2.0 by Mind Map: School 2.0
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School 2.0


A3 (anyplace, any time, anyone)

Access to technology

Virtual Learning Communities

Personalised Learning

Autonomous learners

Habits of Mind

Teacher as facilitator

Thinking Tools

Multiple Intelligences


Rich tasks

Authentic learning contexts

Key Competencies

Inquiry Based Learning


Interaction between home and school

Shares the School Vision and has helped create and maintain it


Vision - provides a sense of direction. What the school stands for

Values - provides the 'rightness' of the Vision

Leadership - provides focus, courage and empowerment

Clear Expectations - allows trust delegation and self appraisal

Teamwork - creates consistency and utilises collegial creativity and intelligence

Continual Quality Improvemment - growth against agreed expectations

Needs to be initiated by Leaders

Must be shared by all to be a vision community

Must be comprehensive and detailed. People must know: how, why, what, and when

Must be positive and inspiring - it must be worth the effort