The Catcher in the Rye Key Events

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The Catcher in the Rye Key Events by Mind Map: The Catcher in the Rye    Key Events

1. Holden's brother Allie's death is revealed.

1.1. When Stradlater asks Holden to write his essay for him, Holden relectanly agrees and decides to write it about Allie, when he was supposed to write a descriptive writing about a place.

1.2. From this, the reader can understand how hunted Holden is by Allie's death

2. Holden gets into a fight with Stradlater.

2.1. Holden wants to protect Jane from Stradlater, which equivalent to protecting Jane's innocence.

2.1.1. The first insights of Holden's desire for being the protector of innocence, and his obsession with innocence.

3. Holden is "ostracised" by his team mates because he lost the equipments.

3.1. From this event, the reader can see Holden's problem with being victimized by his external world, and be isolated and alienated from the society.

4. Holden gets kicked out of Pencey Prep.

4.1. In the beginning of the novel, the fact that Holden fails in his classes and kicked out of his school because of it is revealed.

4.2. The reader sees how irresponsible and careless Holden is about his academic academic life.

5. Holden goes to NYC.

5.1. He buys"the red hunting hat". The hat is a symbol of his individuality and uniqueness.

5.2. While he was on the train, he meets with Mrs Murrow. From the fact that he lies constantly to her, the reader can see Holden's unreliable character.

5.3. When Holden arrives to NY, he could nothing anyone to call. This shows how distant he is from his acquittances and how isolated he is from his external world. On the other hand, since he actually wants to call someone, the reader can see Holden's quest for intimate connection.

6. Holden stays at Edmond's Hotel, besides her house.

6.1. The fact that he does not go to his house to stay, because he wants to avoid the uncomfortable argument which he would have if his parents knew about his expulsion, illustrates how emotionally distant he is from his parents and how he lacks to take responsibility for his actions:

6.1.1. He stays at a cheep hotel like Edmond's because he thinks that mone "makes him blue as hell". From this, the reader comprehends Holden's hatred for phony, fake, shallow and materialistic adult world.

7. He encounters with Morice and hires a prostitute called Sunny

7.1. Holden's argument with Sunny and Morice about money.

7.2. Holden wants to talk with Sunny. This illustrates Holden's quest for intimate connection.

7.3. The event which is seen between Holden and Sunny shows Holden's conflict about his sexual identity and confusion between sex and innocence.

8. Holden goes to the Central Park Lagoon.

8.1. He asks the cab driver if he knew what happens to the ducks when the pond is all icy and frozen.

8.2. The ducks in the Central Park Lagoon represents Holden's fear change.

8.3. The "partly frozen and partly unfrozen" stage of the pond represents Holden's stage of growth, meaning that he is nor an adult nor a child.

9. He encounters with the nuns.

9.1. With the nuns, Holden discusses about Romeo and Juliet. He is able to have an intimate communication with them.

9.2. The nuns represent the only left innocence in the adult world.

10. Holden goes to the Natural History Museum

10.1. The Natural History Museum represents Holden's fear of change.

10.2. Holden gets comfortable in the museum because everything is still and non-changing

11. Holden visits Mr. Spencer

11.1. Mr. Spencer lectures Holden about the meaning of life.

11.2. Holden hates to be lectured

12. Holden fantasizes about his death and funeral.

12.1. Holden often fantasizes about his death and funeral throughout the novel. He do not think that anyone, but Phoebe, would care.

12.2. From this events, the reader can see how pessimistic, dark and suicidal Holden's internal world has become after his brother Allie's death.

13. He goes to home and talks with Phoebe.

13.1. From the fact that Phoebe ask Holden what he wants to do with his life, Holden becomes confused and answers that he wants to be "the catcher in the rye".

13.2. Because Holden does not have mature and realistic thoughts about his future, Phoebe is concerned about and mad at Holden.

14. Holden goes to Mr. Antolini's house.

14.1. Mr. Antolini lectures Holden in a friendly way. He show that he cares about Holden.

14.1.1. Even though he was not comfortable with the whole lecturing time, Holden was not mad at Mr. Antolini, because he knew that Mr. Antolini was intimately trying to. help him.

14.2. Mr. Antolini pats Holden's hat while he was asleep.

14.2.1. From this scene, the reader can see Holden's homophobic nature and how misjudgemental he is.

15. Holden goes to the carrousel with Phoebe.

15.1. The symbol of golden ring resembles the prosperity and adulthood.

15.2. "the symbol of the carrousel resembles Holden's desire for unchanging time and innocence.

15.3. From the fact that the carrousel goes "around and around" the reader can see Holden's desire for circular time.

16. Holden goes on a date with Sally.

16.1. After a while Holden arrives to New York, he call "old Sally" to hang out.

16.2. In the scene where they were on a date, from Holden's unrealistic thoughts and fantasies, the reader can see how distant he is from the reality of life.

16.3. Sally makes him face with the realities of life and how immature his thoughts are. Because he does not want to deal with them, Holden claims that she is depressing and blames her.