Healthy Food

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Healthy Food by Mind Map: Healthy Food

1. Healthy food prevents us from various diseases.

1.1. Most people avoid healthy food because it takes too long to make and they do not have time to make it.

1.2. But, eating healthy food is good for our body because it prevents us from getting any diseases like heart disease, slow physical growth, high pressure blood, late menstruation, etc.

1.2.1. I suggest if you do not have time to make it, you can make the recipe more simpler and easier so that you can still eat them without facing any difficulty to manage your schedule.

1.3. Healthy food makes us live a little bit more longer.

2. Healthy food provides many benefits to our health and wellbeing because of its nutrition.

2.1. Healthy food helps a lot for our body growth because there are so many vitamins from them.

2.2. Healthy food is good for those who crave clear skin because it contains vitamins and minerals that fullfil what the skin needs.

2.2.1. In conclusion, we must eat more healthy food because they have so many benefits for our body and prevents us from getting any serious diseases.

2.3. Healthy food also makes us more stable mentally.