Technology and SEL

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Technology and SEL by Mind Map: Technology and SEL

1. Online learning module

1.1. Google Site

1.2. Google Slides

1.3. Prezi Design

1.4. Canva

2. Topics

2.1. SEL in the classroom

2.1.1. Social emotional learning

2.1.2. 5 skills of SEL Self-awareness Self-management Social awareness Responsible decision-making Relationship skills

2.2. Technology & SEL

2.2.1. MakerLabs Tinkering, crafting, collaborating, problem-solving/finding Coding 3D

2.2.2. EdTech STEM Robotics Circuitry VR & AR Deeping learning Exploration of 2D to 3D concepts Online discussion forms Flipgrid

2.3. Humane Technology for Education

2.3.1. SEL and humane tech Building healthier relationships with technology

3. Resources

3.1. EdTech and SEL

3.2. VR & AR in Education

3.3. SEL & MakerEd

3.4. CASEL

3.5. Emotional AI and SEL

3.6. Tech to Enhance SEL

3.7. Principles of Humane Technology

3.8. Fostering SEL through Tech

3.9. Tech role-play and SEL

3.10. Teaching and Developing SEL w/ Tech

3.11. SEL in age of virtual play

4. Goals/Objectives

4.1. Understanding SEL impact on learners

4.2. Understand technology impact on SEL

4.3. Understand the importance of SEL and humane technology

4.4. Understand how to blend technology into SEL for student benefit

4.5. Provide educators with educational technology to incorporate in their classrooms to support SEL