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HTM Mind Map by Mind Map: HTM Mind Map

1. Dream Career

1.1. Career

1.1.1. Amusement Parks Sports Industry Music Venues

1.2. Passions

1.2.1. Disney Sports (baseball) Concerts

2. Core Values

2.1. What do you stand for?

2.1.1. Reliability Loyalty Optimism

2.2. What are you not willing to compromise on?

2.2.1. Honesty Efficiency Loyalty

3. Role Models

3.1. My mom

3.1.1. It sounds cliche but though my mom did not attend college, she has always been a hard worker in every aspect of her life.

4. Career Goals

4.1. Short Term

4.1.1. Finish degree and (hopefully) get an internship

4.2. Long Term

4.2.1. Get internship with Disney College Program and begin entry level position

5. Top Strenghts

5.1. Creativity

5.1.1. I love coming up with new ideas

5.2. Communication Skills

6. Desired Strengths

6.1. Time Management