Facilitate safe migration of people

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Facilitate safe migration of people by Mind Map: Facilitate safe migration of people

1. Post safe migration, integration (followed)

1.1. Integration of the immigrant

1.2. https://www.iom.int/sites/default/files/our_work/ODG/GCM/IOM-Thematic-Paper-Facilitation-of-Safe-Orderly-and-Regular-Migration.pdf

1.3. Development of the framework Migration Government Framework to ensure the safety and well being of migrants.

2. Immigration purpose

2.1. Forced immigration

2.1.1. Politic immigration Immigration for political reason In What Ways Has Geography & Climate Affected the Development of Human Society? Many immigrants move from one country to another caused of the political regime inside their country, in general a dictature. The lack of equity, clear vision and population power are the main cause

2.1.2. Economic immigration Economic migration https://api-istex-fr.ezp.em-lyon.com/document/F102E10D9845305B9F29F28961F8559FCA47A544/fulltext/pdf?auth=ip,fede&sid=ebsco Lack of employment, the working condition or the poor salary push many people to immigrate. Moreover, the globalisation had huge negative impact upon the local companies.

2.1.3. Welfare immigration Welfare migration https://api-istex-fr.ezp.em-lyon.com/document/F102E10D9845305B9F29F28961F8559FCA47A544/fulltext/pdf?auth=ip,fede&sid=ebsco Many countries (developed or not) don't have any welfare security for the population. The taxes are high and the global repercussions on society are low.

2.2. The Consequences of Forced Migration for Host Communities in Africa

2.3. There are many different reasons for immigration.

3. People are moving from the outset of the humanity

3.1. History of immigration

3.2. Homo Deus - Yuval Noah Harari

3.3. People move from the beginning of the humanity, it's in our gene. Even if some state by region, area has been created in the past, people always had in objectives to search new land, discover new culture to exchange, trade with them. Moreover, the sense of belonging is very high and important for people, that make the exchange communities less common and wanted.

4. Synthesis: In our actual situation, the world is evolving in a very different speed: in some country, they are dying from lack of food or water, and in other they are developing the 5G. The 2 speed development and the global situation is some countries led to many immigration movements. However, there are generally facing many issues (expect when the receiving county want "chosen" immigration). This difference are accentuated by a global mindset of a fold back on yourself (closes boarders, very difficult to get a visa, important legislation...). The immigrants are facing the impacts of the new "economic war" between countries.

5. How refocus on the human being in the immigration process while integrating economies stakes ? (for the immigrant and the country receiving)

6. "Chosen" immigration in the face of the economic challenges of demographic ageing

6.1. Chosen immigration

6.2. https://www-cairn-info.ezp.em-lyon.com/article.php?ID_ARTICLE=RECO_566_1359

6.3. In order to find a solution to the population ageing, we need to choose the perfect plan taking advantage and opportunities through the immigration: nor the free barriers nor the closed one are a good solution, chosen immigration with the maximum amount of people.

7. Migration pact - worldwide agreement/regulation

7.1. Migration pact

7.2. The UN migration pact explained | DW News

7.3. The UN provided a plan to deal with immigration, to facilitate safe movement through the coordination of border. However, many countries don't want to sign it, since every one see the subject and stakes differently.

8. World passport

8.1. Global citizen

8.2. https://books.google.fr/books?id=En1AZSEn-nQC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Global+citizenship&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwigjsHhs5vtAhVFzRoKHUOtD2YQ6AEwAXoECAIQAg#v=onepage&q=Global%20citizenship&f=false

8.3. Global citizenship is an utopia that everyone could travel free everywhere while being part of the only one global community worldwide. This idea could totally erase every issues with immigration, but it's impossible to develop it, since every country is to different and the stakes are massive, and numerous.