Life on the Goldfields

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Life on the Goldfields by Mind Map: Life on the Goldfields

1. Shopping

1.1. women were usually the shopkeepers

1.2. expensive

1.2.1. transport to goldfields expensive

1.2.2. shop owners knew that the miners either paid the high price or starve; shop owners made lots of money

1.3. chinese people set up medicine stores

2. Sickness

2.1. influenza

2.2. pneunomia

2.3. typhord

2.3.1. transmitted by ingestion of food and water

2.4. cholera

2.5. tetanus

2.6. hysteria

2.7. scurvy

2.8. poor hygienic environment, this is what made disease common

3. Homes

3.1. the homes were rough

3.2. huts

3.2.1. made of canvas and bark

3.3. Boarding houses

3.3.1. these were established and the were built of wood lined with calico

3.4. government camps

3.4.1. made of wood

3.4.2. some government camps accommodated soldiers

4. Food

4.1. mutton

4.2. drinks

4.2.1. tea

4.2.2. fresh water was limited

4.3. damper

4.3.1. made of flour,water and salt mixed to form a soft dough

4.3.2. it was cooked on an open fire

5. Entertainment

5.1. some miners bring their own instruments

5.1.1. they were made from meat hooks,horse shoes and spoons

5.2. mazurka was normally the popular dance of the day

5.3. dancing was affordable on any budget

5.3.1. balls and concerts were a major event

5.4. clay pipes and tobacco were in big demand

5.5. story telling

5.6. the venues were alcohol free zones

6. Finding Gold

6.1. people who found gold were tradesmen who sold food and equipment

6.1.1. other people who found gold were land owners who sold land to people who wanted to build houses

6.2. most miners didn't strike it rich

6.2.1. all of them worked extremely hard

7. Schooling

7.1. teachers lived in tents

7.2. children sat at wooden benches

7.3. the standard of education was not high

7.4. the classrooms were big enough to hold 100 children

8. Violence

8.1. fights

8.1.1. they were often over claim jumbling when other took over some els' claim

8.1.2. to keep their own claim, they had to worked on it everyday except Sunday

8.2. the police were brutal

8.3. bushrangers hold up the travellers

9. Life of Children

9.1. the adults kept a few hens and goats, so the children had better foods.

9.2. carried wood

9.3. went to the gold field with their parents

9.4. December 1852, 12,000 children went to the gold fields.

9.5. helped their parents to search for gold

9.6. looked after tents & huts and cared for horses

9.7. fossicked among tailings or left over gravel and sand

9.8. old children were expected to work as hard as adults

10. Transport

10.1. carried everything needed

10.1.1. walking with wheel barrow loaded with possessions

10.1.2. harsh long hard road & robbers & dangers included

10.2. horse or bullock

11. Clothing

11.1. girls

11.1.1. tight waist and full skirt dresses

11.1.2. brightly coloured stockings with hard leather boots

11.1.3. when they went out they wore a cape or jacket with a hat covered with flowers and a colourful ribbon tied under their chin

11.2. boys

11.3. women

11.4. miners/diggers

12. Fun & games

12.1. boys

12.1.1. boys played jacks and marbles

12.2. girls

12.2.1. liked to dress dolls

12.2.2. girls went skipping

13. Tools

13.1. alluvial

13.1.1. shovel

13.1.2. pick

13.1.3. cradle or pan

13.2. shaft

13.2.1. bucket

13.2.2. windlass