Ukrainian wife

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Ukrainian wife by Mind Map: Ukrainian wife

1. Partner program find a wife

1.1. Translation of mentalities

2. First free 1 hour consultation

3. questionnaire

4. women from my database

5. Programm 16 weeks

5.1. 1 week :phycological seccion ( you & me) we'll make 8 point ideal profile of your wife, (pls every day repeat this 8 point and thank the Universe for giving you such a woman) . Your fears, your good and bad experience - dissoluttion & transformation. Saturday.

5.2. 2 week. According to my sample prepare a first and only letter (5 min) and 8-min video (instructions provided). (13 min in total). Make a search according to your parameters on the TAU 2 or orther dating site, send prepared letters/videos to 100 women. (Extra hints & instructions in my video)No communication with women to avoid scammers. Saturday.

5.3. week 3 .10 Letters/videos received. We check mainly videos. Invite for skype conference. 6-8 skype 40-min. conferences with momen and me as interpreter/mediator. 15-min.discussion afterwards, translation the mentality.Saturday & Sunday.

5.4. week 4. One -hour phycological session discussing the results and adjusting the parameters. Sending anorther 100 letters/videos using the first experience with adjusted parameters/filters. Optionally adding women from my database . Saturday.

5.5. Week 5.Inviting 6-8 women to skype interview 40 min. sessions with me as interpreter/mediator. 15-min dicsussion afterwards between you & me, translation mentalities. Saturday & Sunday.

5.6. Week 6. Work with 3 women who are the most interesting for you and most interested in you. Second skype interview discussing your visit details.

5.7. Week 7. Prepare for your Visit to Ukraine

5.8. Week 8 You visit, meetings with 3-5 women to see in which relationships the chemistry is. Make a right choice. Start building the relationships with one woman. In case of any slight misunderstanding come back to me

5.8.1. Women will share with me and give their feedback. So, I can share the feedback with you.I will organize all the meetings, but you do it two of you.

5.9. Week 9. Discuss the conditions of her transfer to your country, do you expect her to work and bring the income after one year adaptation period or not, can she continue her on-line work, does she need language course, how sufficient is she prepared for your country, which school does her child will go to, do you plan the mutual child, which medical insurance you use. Point by point all difficulties bring on the table-discuss with my help as Mediator.

5.10. Week 10. Follow-up

5.11. Week 11.Follow-up

5.12. Week 12. Follow-up

5.13. week 13. Follow-up

5.14. week 14. Follow-up

5.15. week 15. Follow-up

5.16. week 16. Follow-up

6. Programm 12 weeks+ follow up

6.1. ghj

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