SAPS Model by Gabe Zichermann

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SAPS Model by Gabe Zichermann by Mind Map: SAPS Model by Gabe Zichermann

1. Status

1.1. elevation, i.e. special recognition

2. Access

2.1. being able to access something that other people cannot

2.2. Access rewards give users the opportunity to interact in a private or special way with your company or service. For example, an access reward might be to give top players the opportunity to earn a dinner with your company’s CEO – or a tour of your offices. Conversely, you might give social shopping “achievers” a 5 minute head start on deals on your website.

3. Power

3.1. having control over what happens to other people

3.2. Power rewards specifically entitle players to “get one over” on others. This might be in the form of a moderator position (if on a forum or interactive site, say), or to change the way your site/application operates (usually best in a virtual world scenario).

4. Stuff

4.1. pizza parties, etc

4.2. Only once you’ve exhausted all the other options should you consider including stuff in your gamification design. Obviously, if you have amazing giveaways (and lots of cash to back it up), I highly recommend sharing the wealth.