Interaction patterns

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Interaction patterns by Mind Map: Interaction patterns

1. Index

1.1. What classroms look like

1.1.1. Traditional chair lines board on the front

1.1.2. Other possibilieties individual chairs horseshoe shape sitting circle groups on individual table sitting alone

1.2. Working alone together

1.2.1. help individually

1.2.2. help communication

1.2.3. pair works participate more

1.2.4. work groups talks more

1.3. Putting students into pairs or groups

1.3.1. with partnet next to them

1.3.2. let them choose partner

1.3.3. tell them who to work with

1.3.4. choose acording ability

1.3.5. stand inner and outer of "wheels!

1.3.6. ask who they don´t want to work with