Theories and Plate Boundaries

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Theories and Plate Boundaries by Mind Map: Theories and Plate Boundaries

1. Alfred Wegener

2. Tibet,Himalayas

3. Pero-chile

4. Volcanic arc at the edge of the continent

5. Continental crust is too bouyant to subduct

6. Marianas, Indonesia

7. Ocean-continent

8. Produces crust up to twice as thick as normal and a high mountain plateau (mountain ranges)

9. Continental curst is too buoyant to subduct. Plate breaks off and subduction stops, causing a global change in plate motions.

10. Continent-continent

11. fast spreading of ocean basin means larger ridge volume, increases the sea level and causing flooding of continents.

12. Forms volcanic island arc above the subducting plate (sea/oceans, underwater volcanoes)

13. Formation of subduction zones/trenches

14. Oceanic-oceanic

15. Faults, fracture zones, earthquakes

16. San Andreas Fault

17. Geologic feature/formion

18. Mid-Atlantic Ridge

19. Mid-Ocean Ridge Rift Valley Earthquakes Volcanism

20. Geologic features/formation

21. Pacific ring of fire

22. Himalayas (Nepal), Sierra Madre (Philippines

23. Pacific Ring of Fire is situated where the oceanic plate and several smaller micro-plates subducting along the Philippine plate, Philippine Trench, to the East and West.

24. epicenter of earthquakes are usually found along plate boundaries

25. Earthquake epicenter

26. Distribution of mountain ranges

27. Mountain ranges formed along convergence of continental plate boundaries

28. Distribution of active volcano

29. active volcanoes are located in the area where plate movement occurs

30. this is where subduction occurs. because of the cool denser it will subduct

31. Happens at spreading center where plates are moving apart.

32. Warmer material in the mantle moves down and cooler material in the mantle moves up.

33. Mantle Convection Currents

34. ⬆️⬇️

35. ➡️⬅️

35.1. When the plate move toward each other

36. when plate boundaries slide past each other.

37. ⬅️➡️

38. Magma is heated, becomes less dense and rises—then cools, becomes denser and falls.

39. When two plate move away to each other.

40. Three types of plate boundaries

41. The lithosphere (crust and upper mantle) is broken into numerous pieces called plates.

42. Theories

43. The age of seafloor increases regularly with distance from the ridge axis.

44. wegener took the ice-covered areas of the southpole and matched each other .and said they were only partially separated

45. first observed by Brunhes (1906) on land, the north magnetic pole becomes South magnetic pole and South becomes North

46. topography is elevated and the structure of axial valley formed by normal faulting suggests tension and extension.

47. There were similar animal and plant species in both continent the mesosaorus is found in the antlantic in south america and africa. They cannot cross the ocean.To .say this continent is just split.

48. the seafloor occurs in the divergent boundary .while moving away it has heat coming from the mantle .between the two divergent the seafloor is formed

49. Evidences

50. Arthur Holmes

51. When we fit Europe and North America together, we find that Appalachians and Caledonides could form a single chain mountain.

52. continents are fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces

53. Evidences

54. 250 million years ago continents were combined into one supercontinent called Pangaea.

55. Seafloor SpreadingTheory

56. Continental Drift Theory

57. Plate Tectonics Theory

58. Caeses of tectonic plate movement

59. Plate Boundaries

60. Dynamic Earth

60.1. Three theories

61. Distribution of active volcanoes,mountain ranges support the plate tectonic theory