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1. Society

1.1. Negative Impact

1.1.1. Threat to human health Poor eyesight, hearing, and posture Depression, anxiety, etc. Unhealthy food, obesity Addiction

1.1.2. Isolation Lack of face-to-face interaction

1.1.3. Lack of privacy

1.1.4. Poor sleep habits

1.1.5. Increased bullying Teen age suicides

1.2. Positive Impact

1.2.1. Medical advancements

1.2.2. Genetically modified foods

1.2.3. Forms of entertainment and art Television, photography and films Game Development Painting, digital illustrations, layout, etc.

1.2.4. Trade and industry Travel faster Calculations are more accurate

1.2.5. Education Online class E-books Easy access to different learning resources

1.2.6. Faster communication

2. Environment

2.1. Negative Impact

2.1.1. Depletion of natural resources Mining of minerals Deforestation

2.1.2. Generate more waste

2.1.3. Pollution Air Water Soil Chemical Radioactive

2.1.4. Excess power consumption

2.2. Positive Impact

2.2.1. Renewable Energy Solar Energy Geothermal Energy Biomass Hydro power Wind power

2.2.2. Smart Technology

2.2.3. Electric Vehicles