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IGE by Mind Map: IGE

1. Skill I,m good at

1.1. Creative thinking skill

1.1.1. Be able to express my creativity into a work.

1.2. The SWOT analysis

1.2.1. Help to organize know strength , weakness , opportunities and threats.

2. Skill I learnt from IGE

2.1. Skill to co operate

2.1.1. Working as a team.

2.2. Task management

2.2.1. manage to create to role for each member.

3. Dream job

3.1. Be a part of the Entertainment industry.

3.1.1. The reason is for both of this job is that i want to be a part of the the television industry can be at any role.

3.2. Content creator.

4. What/Why I choose this major ?

4.1. My major is IMI

4.2. Why IMI ?

4.2.1. content creator

4.2.2. Marketing

4.2.3. BU is top COM-ART

4.2.4. On-site learning gain working experience

4.2.5. Want to work in entertaining industry

5. Other skill that I'm good at

5.1. working under pressure

5.1.1. adapt myself to slo

5.1.2. Be less emotional use more the thought