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The Gun by Mind Map: The Gun

1. Prompts violence

2. commands respect

3. hierarchies in relationships

3.1. There is otherwise no obvious heirarchy, each relationship is fairly balanced.

3.2. The gun represents the tool by which the power dynamic is switched between Paulina and Roberto

3.2.1. Whilst Paulina used to be the oppressed, the gun gives her the ability to switch roles

4. power

5. men only respect Paulina when she has the gun

5.1. challenges patriarchal society values

5.2. The gun is therefore the only symbol opposing the otherwise patriarchal society.

6. fragile democracy

6.1. everyone is still worried- personal control

7. simultaneously offers protection yet fear

7.1. Instigates fear for the men. Protects Paulina. Paulina is shown as very weak without the gun, it seems to bring out her 'masculine' traits.

8. the only thing allowing Paulina to have her say

9. personal vengence

9.1. technically illegal

9.2. not following the branch of law