Ogden's BASIC English-Mind Map

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Ogden's BASIC English-Mind Map by Mind Map: Ogden's  BASIC English-Mind Map

1. Things

1.1. 200 pictured

1.2. 400 general

1.3. 596 from rules for more than one

2. Operations etc. 100

3. Qualities

3.1. 100 General

3.1.1. 50 Opposites use of rules,e.g. colour of substance

4. Rules

4.1. Addition of 's to things when there is more than one

4.2. Endings in 'er, 'ing. 'ed from 300 names of things

4.3. 'ly' forms from qualities

4.4. Degree with 'more' and 'most'

4.5. Form-changes in names of acts , and 'that,' 'this,' 'I,' 'he,' 'you,' 'who' as in normal English

4.6. Measures numbers days,and the international words in English form

5. Complex Words as in "Basic Words"{

6. Special Uses and Idioms (to be taught)

7. Expansions in Sense

7.1. metaphorical levels

8. Word Order

8.1. (From substitution in the Panopticon)