Brain Function

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Brain Function by Mind Map: Brain Function

1. Memory

1.1. All memories start out as sensory information stored by the brain.

1.2. Left hemisphere controls memories related to language.

1.3. Right hemisphere controls memories related to hearing, seeing and special queues.

1.4. Frontal lobe controls memories involving habits and motor activity.

2. Language

2.1. A large part of the cerebral cortex is dedicated to language.

2.2. Wernicke’s area is chiefly responsible to understand the spoken word.

2.3. Most right handed people use the left hemisphere to of their brain to process language information.

2.4. Parts of the brain responsible for language and speech are located near areas that control mouth, face and hand movements.

3. Perception

3.1. Senses enable your brain to perceive images, sounds, textures and can perceive time, even without any specific sensory organ designed to tell time.

3.2. Parietal lobes controls touch perception.

3.3. The organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information.

3.4. Depends on complex functions of the nervous system.