£Life of the Goldmines£

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£Life of the Goldmines£ by Mind Map: £Life of the Goldmines£

1. children

1.1. they went with their parents to the gold mines

1.2. expected to work as hard as the adults

1.2.1. children have some time off to play games though the most popular game was marbles

1.3. 12 000 children was at the gold fields at 1852

1.4. boys wore clothe very similar to girls

2. entertainment

2.1. there were theatres full of actors

2.2. Charles entertained the diggers

3. schooling

3.1. many types of schools

3.1.1. Sunday schools

3.1.2. private schools

3.1.3. National schools

3.1.4. Denominational schools

3.2. not good at educating children

4. clothing

4.1. boys

4.1.1. wore baggy trouses and long sleeve shirts

4.2. girls

4.2.1. they wore long and thick dresses thet dragged in the dirt or mud

5. food and water

5.1. because food was carried around by cats, it was very expensive.

5.2. their was not much fresh food

5.3. those who was rich sold food

5.4. many people brought their own food

5.5. water was scarce so grog was sold

5.5.1. it was sometimes sold illegally

6. homes

6.1. people decided to settle down and build homes to live in.

6.1.1. those who could not afford itslept on the ground.

6.2. made of

6.2.1. wood

6.2.2. brick

6.3. hotels very expensive

7. sickness

7.1. no hospital

7.1.1. youu would die

7.2. diseases

7.2.1. Dysentery, typhus, diarrhea and other contagious diseases were all represented

8. shopping

8.1. there was mutton, flour, permit licences nd much more

8.2. very expensive

8.2.1. buy them or starve and die

9. interesting facts

9.1. on Sundays, adults get to sleep

9.2. Sunday is the lords day

10. violence

10.1. people were fighting

10.1.1. people mined in other miners area.

10.1.2. the permit

10.1.3. it was caused because of so much miners in one place.

10.2. troops

10.2.1. violently demanding permit licence

11. transport

11.1. those who travel by foot are called footsloggers

11.1.1. most did not reach the destination

11.2. some went in carts in big groups

11.2.1. it is unikely to be attacked by bushrangers

11.3. many ways

11.3.1. train

11.3.2. ship