Fried Spring roll

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Fried Spring roll by Mind Map: Fried Spring roll

1. Taste

1.1. Salty: from the salt and the fish sauce

1.2. Sour and sweet: from the dipping sauce ( the mixture among fish sauce, sugar, lemon, chilli and some garlic)

1.3. Umami: from the fish sauce, garlic and mushroom

2. Who

2.1. Family: relative

2.2. Friends

3. Where

3.1. Home cook

3.2. Family meal

3.3. Serving in restaurant

4. Symbolism

4.1. Lunar new year

4.2. Family member's memorial ( death anniversary)

4.3. Family union

5. Multisensory experience

5.1. Vietnamese traditional dish for family in very special occasion such as new year or death anniversary

6. Flavour

6.1. Smell of the coriander and spring onion mix with pork mince

6.2. Rice paper roll make it sound crunchy when eating.

6.3. Balance flavors