My Personal Journey

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My Personal Journey by Mind Map: My Personal Journey

1. Age 1-5

1.1. My mom always tells me that I was a cute baby, I never cried and always laughed. That stopped when I turned 1. I heard from credible sources that I started to be a pain in the ass, climbing everywhere and throwing things on the floor.

2. Age 6-12

2.1. At this age I started making lots of friends. Football was a place where I thrived in, but sometimes I was kind of a bully. This is something I regret.

3. Age 13-16

3.1. Highschool, or middelbare school as we call it. I started this at age 13. Throughout the years I did not to my best at school, I did not have the motivation nor did I receive the discipline to act on it. Failing in highschool is one of my biggest life regrets.

4. Age 17-19

4.1. After highschool came Community college, or as we call it here, MBO. I applied to the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam back in 2017, but was not allowed to enter. After telling my grandparents the news, my grandpa told me I should try a school near where they lived, Twente, so I did. I applied to ROC van Twente where I was accepted. The thing that I failed in during these days was the choice of education. I did not like the study I was following.

5. Age 20-21

5.1. What I regret in this period, the one I am currently living in, is the social contacts. I am a person that does not keep in touch with friends often, I don't know why, but I just do.