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Hinduism by Mind Map: Hinduism

1. SACRED WRITINGS - The Eighteen Puranas tell stories about Gods and Goddesses and the beginning and end of the world. - Sacred Writing was written in Sanskrit over a period of 1000 years. - The Mahabharata and The Ramayana are the longest poem in the world.

2. HISTORY - Hindus were divided into 4 main castes. The Brahmans, The Kshatriyas, The Vaishyas, and The Shudras. - The early Hindu's believed in one main god, Brahma and many lesser gods, who are often thought of as different faces of him. - One of the oldest religions in the world. - It was not started by any particular person, but it evolved as the beliefs of several different groups of people combined.

3. BELIEFS - There is no set creed or system of beliefs which one must adhere to in order to be a Hindu. - They believe that there is four stages of life that a person should pass through. - Believe certain animals are sacred but the most important is a cow. - Believe that when people die they come back to earth again in the process called reincarnation.

4. HOLIDAYS - Diwali is a five day festival of lights held in October or November honoring the god Rama where people exchange gifts, eat special foods, and watch fireworks displays. - Thaipusam is celebrated in the month of Thai (10th month of the Hindu calendar). It coincides with the glowing of a bright star called Pusam. Fulfilling one’s vows is an important part of celebration. - Holi is a festival that is held in February or March where people of all castes gather in the streets and throw colored powder. - Dussehra is a ten day festival held in September or October celebrating either the victory of goddess Durga.

5. WORSHIP - Well known as "puja" - They worship at a temple or a special shrine at their home. - Giving Offering is an important part - Common practice to present gift such as flower and oils.

6. SYMBOLS - 2 Primary Symbol which is om and swastika - Om. Composed of 3 Sanskrit letter - Represent 3 sound ( A,U and M). -Swastika Means "Good Fortune" and Being Good.