Approach, Method, Procedure and Technique

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Approach, Method, Procedure and Technique by Mind Map: Approach, Method, Procedure and Technique

1. Procedures

2. In conclusion, they are theoretical approaches put into practice. These approaches have procedures that are based on techniques to achieve the desired results.

3. Techniques are the empirical or practical steps that lead to a specific result because each procedure is performed using a series of techniques. These can take the form of exercise or activity.

4. It is about the steps to be taken into account when executing a method.

5. Technique

6. Approach

6.1. It refers to general assumptions and theories about language and how language learning occurs.

6.1.1. It describes:

6.1.2. -The nature of language,

6.1.3. -How knowledge of a language is acquired

6.1.4. -The conditions that promote language acquisition.

7. Methodological organization of teaching practices

8. Method

8.1. Refers to the practical application of an approach using some specific organized method, materials, and means of assessment directed to learners and guided by the philosophical premises of an approach that include decisions about:

8.1.1. The particular skills to be taught.

8.1.2. The roles of the teacher and the learner in language teaching and learning.

8.1.3. The appropriate procedures and techniques.

8.1.4. The content to be taught.

8.1.5. The order in which the content will be presented.

9. An overall plan for the orderly presentation of languages material, no part of which contradicts, and all of which is based upon, the selected approach

9.1. Antony´s model

10. Objetives: - Syllabus type

10.1. Richards and Rodgers model

11. Activity

12. Activity types

13. Learner Roles

14. Teacher Roles

15. Role of materials

16. Conclusion