East 43rd Street

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East 43rd Street by Mind Map: East 43rd Street

1. Mr. Marley- He is licensed private Investigator. He is the main charachter in the book. Nathan is he's real name bet everyone calls him Nat. He was working in the NYPD for 15 years and after that he opened his own business as private investigator. As a pearson he's a really tough guy and very professional in everything he does. Overthinking is common thing in his life and he always double-checks situation. Drinking is often his escape from boring reality "Too many beers in McFadden's Bar last night." Relationships are no big deal for him, because he's one of the pearsons that everybody likes. Based on his communication with Stela, his latin secretary, we can see respect for every pearson. In some situations Nat is a bit agressive''I lost my cool and punched him hard on the nose.'' Nat is calm pearson, even when Lam appeared with his tow huge bodyguards, he was playing cool.

2. Captain Oldenberg- Oldenberg was classical policeman, he was a bit too fat, with loads of self-confidence and a bad sense for humor. He isn't fan of Nathan because two of them worked together and when Nat left he was jealous on him. At the end of the book he realize that Nat isn't bad guy at all.Enough small talk, Marley. I need answers. And if you don't play straight with me, I'll make sure you never work as a private investigator again."

3. Tommy Lam- Lam or Yee Ho, is criminal who lives in small apartment above restaurant. His job was doing dirty stuff for money. He respected Nathan because Nat was always professional "Of course. I'm glad to see you're a professional. Come this way." Robert Lake owned him 5 millions and he was ready for everything to get his money back. He was careful and suspicious, we can see that from the end when he called a Jewerly expert to check diamonds ''A little bearded guy got out and hurried over. He fitted a jeweler's glass in his eye and examined the necklace closely.''