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1. injuries

1.1. causes

1.1.1. Ankle sprains.

1.1.2. Knee injuries.

1.1.3. Quad, hamstring, and groin strains.

1.1.4. Hip pointers.

1.1.5. Shoulder dislocations.

1.1.6. Acromioclavicular sprains.

1.1.7. Wrist and hand injuries.

1.1.8. Football concussions.

2. money

2.1. a year

2.1.1. The median salary for all NFL players is actually about $860,000, much closer to those sums outlined in the sport's minimum payment guidelines, according to The Houston Chronicle

3. investments

3.1. how to

3.1.1. But for investors, it was a moot point: you can't directly invest in the NFL. But that doesn't mean football-related opportunities don't exist. With a full season ahead of us, investors should consider sports stocks to buy. ... Our love for football isn't just centered on the game itself

4. breast cancer

4.1. foot ball is known to be very supportive of all the great people out there with breast cancer.

4.1.1. For the 12th consecutive season, the National Football League and the American Cancer Society are working together to support the fight against cancer through "Crucial Catch:Intercept Cancer."The initiative, which kicks off in stadiums today and continues to be highlighted through Week 6 games, addresses early