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Leadership by Mind Map: Leadership

1. Approachability

1.1. Easy to talk to

1.2. You feel heard and not judged

1.3. You don't feel that the person is too busy or important to hear your concerns

2. Discernment

2.1. Differentiates between good and bad ideas

2.2. Can make necessary split second decisions

2.3. Can identify issues before they become too big to handle

3. Diplomacy

3.1. Knows how to speak to others without exacerbating feelings

3.2. Can deescalate tense situations

4. Transparency

4.1. Expectations are clear

4.2. Actions have a clear purpose

5. Consistency

5.1. Keep to your word

5.2. Some events and actions are done in regular intervals

6. Appreciation

6.1. Staff, students and parents feel valued

6.2. The physical environment and resources are treated as precious

7. Service

7.1. Constantly working for the benefit of students, faculty, and parents

8. Humility

8.1. Doesn't treat others as less important

8.2. Speaks of and focuses on group accomplishments over individual ones