7: Globalization and Policy Diffusion

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7: Globalization and Policy Diffusion by Mind Map: 7: Globalization and Policy Diffusion

1. Policy diffusion

1.1. policies spread/countries policies influences each other

1.1.1. “one government’s choices being influenced by the choices of other governments” (Shipan and Volden 2012)

1.1.2. how does policy diffusion happen? coercion forcing another country to adopt a certain policy learning positive learning negative learning Bounded rational learning Rational learning emulation copying other states policies to be "part of the club" competition Delaware effect California effect

1.1.3. related to the process of policy making

1.1.4. Evertt Rogers: "Diffusion of Innovation" (1962) s-curve that shows how many countries adopt a policy at which point in time (first it spreads faster and faster until all countries have adopted the policy (the e.g. smoking bans, started in Italy and spread (faster and faster until almost every country adopted it)

2. Policy convergence

2.1. an increase in similarity from a certain policy

2.1.1. the outcome/result of a specific policy

3. Examples

3.1. Marijuana policy: what mechanism could lead to policy diffusion?

3.1.1. learning objective knowledge

3.1.2. competition

3.1.3. emulation