first world war

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first world war by Mind Map: first world war

1. causes

2. the rise of nationalism: in the xix century we had the establishment of nation states around europe. how ever, some nations looked for growing their identity by fighting wars and establishing a common enemy ex: germany servia madedonia, greece, romania and montenegro

3. imperialism and militarism : the fights in the colonized territories would create, tensions and rivaries between the european nations, industrialization have developed weaponry and some nations wanted to try the new weapons, so they did it in the compaigns developed to conquer and control new territories

4. militarism to the people: to have strong military would grow the nationalistic sense of the population of the nation, so european nations were investing on weponry and military to gain support of the people

5. advances for the war

6. the triple alliance: later on the central powers: after the unification, of germany, bismark gained territories from france, alsaise and lorrain, and because of this germany saw france as a possible enemy so they allied with the austra hungary and the ottoman empire so france would be less protected with no strenght to fight germany

7. the triple entente: the allied nations or countries, france russia and england, this alliance was created to protect themselves against germanys agretion and it was alsoa peace aggrrament between these nations, these numbers of archcluke france ferdinand ( june 28 1914)

8. mc: ferdinand was just as ruler in astro hungar, monarch, however austria had some problems with servia, sefvia wanted to take bosnia, and herzegovia from the austrian empire, 28 june ferndinand went with his wife to sarinejo bosnia, in there gabrilo princip mudered them as a representative of the black hand, this was an organization that worked for servian leaders, austrian empire would ask for servian some demands and servia would not accept, so austria declared war and servia looked for allies in france and russia