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JungleHood by Mind Map: JungleHood

1. Retail Channel

1.1. Internet Channel

1.1.1. Define Online Retailing/Electronic Retailing/E-Tailing is a retail channel in which the offering of products and services for sales is communicated to customers over the Internet.

1.1.2. Pros Safety and convenience Offer a selection of products, personalized information and services. Provide information that helps customers make better buying decisions. Broader and deeper products assortments.

1.1.3. Cons Shoppers often have only a generate sense of what they want. Some customers prefer to pay with cash Takes a while for shipping.

1.2. Store Channel

1.2.1. Define Stores offer several benefits to customers that they cannot get when they shop through nonstore channels such as catalogs or the Internet.

1.2.2. Pros Touching and felling products Personal service Multiple choice payment methods Risk reduction Immediate gratification

1.2.3. Cons High operating cost ( Sales staff, Electricity cost,...) Marketing cost for products Affected by external factors (Covid-19, tsunami,...)

2. Merchandise & information

2.1. MERCHANDISE: Each product will have: Short introduction Size Price Color feature User manual Quantity Review Question and Answer

2.1.1. Climbing – Camping: Camp: 4 people, 6 people, 8 people

2.1.2. Motorbike – Bike Mountain bike Power bike

2.1.3. Outfit Sportswear Swimwear

2.1.4. Shoes Nail shoes Waterproof shoes Duck shoes

2.1.5. Backpack 1.5l/ 2l/ 4.5/ 5l

2.1.6. Device Flashlight Light Emitter Backup Battery Flashlight Battery Alcoholic storve Torch Lighters Flycam Camera journey

2.1.7. Knife – Furniture Multifunction knife Saw

2.1.8. Water Sport Diving suits Diving Scuba Goggles Float


2.2.1. Tips Notes on Trekking Top 10 beautiful places/destinations for camping in Sapa. Camping experience for beginners. How to compare existing tents. How to camp safely during the epidemic season The tools you will need to go camping How to become a professional trekking/ camping person.

2.2.2. Skills & Training Survival skills when going camping. Essential lacing skills when camping. Steps to pitch the tent securely and safely for newbies. Escape skills when camping/trekking. First aid skills for people in distress when going camping/trekking. Common problems while camping/trekking you should know.

2.2.3. Clubs Training sessions for beginners. Association of people who love camping/trekking. The club’s camping plans.


3.1. Use KOL/Influencers for inspiration

3.1.1. Building personal image: Lifestyle (green, clean) Personality: dynamic, youthful Enjoy outdoors and travel activities

3.2. Sponsoring for non-profit organizations

3.2.1. Provide garments and items for traveling in some activities for enviroments ( tents, lamps, clothes,…)

3.2.2. Sending local people to guide about topographic

3.3. Collabing with brands to launch outdoor activities

3.3.1. Body care products such as sunscreen, hair protection like Body Shop, Innisfree,...

3.3.2. Mineral supplements