Digital technology

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Digital technology by Mind Map: Digital technology

1. Negative effects

1.1. Technology affects our sleeping habits.

1.2. Technology leaves us feeling isolated.

1.3. Technology promotes a shorter attention span.

1.4. It is much easier to be a bully while hidden away online

1.5. The use of technology may stunt the imagination in children.

1.6. Technology can cause eye and ear problems

1.7. Technology separates families

2. Positive effects

2.1. Kids and computers work

2.2. Emerging technologies

2.2.1. Cars

2.2.2. Mobile phone

2.2.3. Twine

2.3. Networking

2.3.1. Wired

2.3.2. Wi-fi

2.3.3. Network security Passwords Usernames

2.3.4. Telecommunications Lesson ideas A mini course on network and social network literacy

2.3.5. Network Management Impero phone ipad app

2.4. Processing Speed

2.4.1. Articles

2.5. Tablets

3. benefits of Online education

4. DisadvantagesOnline education

4.1. Online student feedback is limited

4.2. E-Learning can cause social Isolation

4.3. Lack of communicational skill development in online students

4.4. E-Learning lacks face-to-face communication

4.5. Poor internet quality in some countries

5. Online learning is inaccessible to the computer illiterate population

6. .

6.1. Freedom to learn whatever you want

6.2. Comfort of learning from your own home

6.3. Work while you study

6.4. Greater ability to concentrate

6.5. Reduced education costs

6.6. Study with thousands of students worldwide

6.7. Study according to your learning style