Best Friends

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Best Friends by Mind Map: Best Friends

1. Hayes Denney

1.1. tall, brown hair, thin, male

1.2. likes to play Lacrosse

1.3. very popular, part of the triskets

1.4. chotlate lab, two brother

1.5. chilll, very talkative

2. Avery Gray

2.1. tall, red hair, thin, female

2.2. LGBTQ+

2.3. weeb, popular, chill, loves to go phis

2.4. two dogs

3. Mattox Vogt

3.1. 3 cats

3.2. plays tagfootball

3.3. tall, blondhair, thin male

3.4. plays vidoe games with me

3.5. rocket leagues, halo 5, Minecraft