Marital Conflict

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Marital Conflict by Mind Map: Marital Conflict

1. Causes: Why do they begin or continue to have conflict?

1.1. Lack of communication

1.1.1. Not communicating wants, needs, or desires

1.2. Life Stage Transitions

1.2.1. Transition to parenthood Body image Fear of being a parent Bed sharing/ co-sleeping Parental involvement

1.2.2. Career transitions Financial stress Job loss Added job responsibilities

1.3. Lack of intimacy

1.3.1. Quality of sexual experiences Physical attraction to partner Bodily changes with age

1.3.2. Lack of emotional vulnerability

2. Consequences

2.1. Decreased marital satisfaction

2.2. Lack of physical and emotional intimacy

2.3. Going to Therapy

2.4. Considering divorce

3. Support Systems or Solutions

3.1. Family members

3.2. Close friends

3.3. Religious support networks

4. Risk Factors

4.1. Interfaith marriages

4.2. Race

4.2.1. Systemic racism

4.3. Socioeconomic status

4.3.1. Financial stress

4.3.2. Lack of resources

4.4. ACE Scores

5. Protective Factors

5.1. Support system

5.2. Marital skill building

5.3. Quality time

5.4. Shared goals

5.5. Shared values

5.6. Shared goals