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Inspired by the tragic and senseless death of Megan Kanka, the goal of MegansLawInfo is to provide information and assist parents about the potential threats sexual predators and registered sex offenders pose to our children. is not associated with any government agency or department.

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Megans Law Info by Mind Map: Megans Law Info

1. Sexual Offender Search Online: Identify Sex Offenders | Megan's Law Info

2. Megan's Story | Learn How Megan’s Law was Formed and the Law Named after Megan Kanka

3. What is Megan's Law? - Information About Registered Sex Offenders

4. 20 Safety Tips to Keep Your Children Safe From Sexual Predators

5. Sex Offender Data by State: Identify Registered Sex Offenders Near You

6. About Megan’s Law Info | Information about Registered Sex Offenders