Hury Lugo- ENG 102


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Hury Lugo- ENG 102 by Mind Map: Hury Lugo- ENG 102

1. Annotated Bibliography

2. Critical Thinking and Composing

3. Rhetorical Precis

4. Evaluation

5. Analyze the ways a text’s purposes, audiences, and contexts influence rhetorical options

6. Evaluate and act on peer and instructor feedback to revise their texts

7. Evaluate the quality, appropriateness, and credibility of sources

8. Citation

9. Compose persuasive researched arguments for various audiences and purposes, and in multiple modalities.

10. Identify your audience

11. Learn how to make a strong claim

12. Create a draft and review

13. Learn new technology engine and media Spark

14. Visual project in order to persuade my audience

15. Project #1

16. Project #2

17. Critical Thinking

18. Reflection

19. Project #3

20. Conventions

21. Respond to a variety of writing contexts calling for purposeful shifts in structure, medium, design, level of formality, tone, and/or voice.