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present simple by Mind Map: present simple

1. use it for

1.1. facts and habitual actions and things that don`t/won`t change and describing yourself

2. Sentence composition

2.1. s+verb+object

2.1.1. Example 1-i/we/you/they+like+tea 2-he/she/it+likes+tea

3. Question composition

3.1. do/does+s+verb+object

3.1.1. Example 1-do+i/you/we/thay+like+tea 2-does+he/she/it+like+tea

4. Negation composition

4.1. s+don`t/doesn`t+verb+object

4.1.1. Example 1-i/we/thay/you+don`t+like+tea 2-he/she/it+doesn`t+like+tea