Creativity Mind Map

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Creativity by Mind Map: Creativity

1. whole-brain process

2. The 5 I's

2.1. 1. Identify

2.1.1. understand the problem

2.1.2. what is the task?

2.1.3. what to create

2.2. 2. Inspire

2.2.1. brainstorm ideas students can come up with different technoloty tools to present project material

2.2.2. research websites magazines listen to music

2.3. 3. Interpolate

2.3.1. narrow information

2.3.2. find a pattern

2.3.3. identify connections

2.4. 4. Imagine

2.4.1. Aha! moments

2.4.2. Form mental images, sensations, and concepts. students can choose how to organize and present the data from a math project in an interesting way.

2.5. 5. Inspect

2.5.1. evaluate idea throw away adjust new idea

3. can be taught

4. is in our nature

5. "...the currency of the 21st century." (Crockett, et al., 2011)

6. nurtured by freedom

7. stifled by our education system

7.1. continuous monitoring

7.2. evaluation

7.3. adult direction

7.4. pressure to conform

8. Lessons in creativity emphasize developing understanding of one's own creative process and that of others (Mildrum, 2000).