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Google Search by Mind Map: Google Search

1. Wordtracker monitors a sample of internet searches (Metacrawlers in the US, all major engines in the UK including Google)

2. Encode my need in words. Type 'speed reading' into Google

2.1. What's my problem?

2.2. I'm a time conscious reader.

2.3. I want to to read faster.

3. Type 'speed reading' into Wordtracker. Did people search for this?

3.1. I like the niche reading

3.2. Combine with a market - people who want to save time

3.3. The niche market is 'time conscious readers'

3.4. How can I solve a problem for 'time conscious readers'?

3.5. Show people how to read faster. Select new niche 'speed reading'. Note: could just as well be another niche 'alternative story construction'