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Google Search by Mind Map: Google Search

1. Wordtracker monitors a sample of internet searches (Metacrawlers in the US, all major engines in the UK including Google)

2. Type 'speed reading' into Wordtracker. Did people search for this?

2.1. I like the niche reading

2.2. Combine with a market - people who want to save time

2.3. The niche market is 'time conscious readers'

2.4. How can I solve a problem for 'time conscious readers'?

2.5. Show people how to read faster. Select new niche 'speed reading'. Note: could just as well be another niche 'alternative story construction'

3. Encode my need in words. Type 'speed reading' into Google

3.1. What's my problem?

3.2. I'm a time conscious reader.

3.3. I want to to read faster.