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Demography by Mind Map: Demography

1. What is the problem for China and India who have a large population?

1.1. Famine/ food shortage

1.1.1. India contraception, awareness, education

1.1.2. China One child policy: have 1 child prefferably Why? reduce fertility reduce birth rate benefits: free education extra months salary until 14 y/o Pension benefits house for 4 Social consequences: shortage females increasing number elderly children not reported Economical consequence: one child=lower economy Predictions: drastrically decrease population

2. How did they impose this?

2.1. Positive: make contraception available Negative: forced abortion or sterilizations

3. social science that studies human populations via statistics

3.1. size, density, dynamics

4. World: 7.7billion Belgium: 11.5 million China: 1.4 billion India: 1.3 billion

5. 1. Decrease = negative growth 2. Stagnation = 0-5% 3. Increase = 5-20% 4. Explosion = >20% We can calculate the demographic evolution if we add the natural increase and the net migration together.

5.1. Natural increase = birth rate (%) – death rate (%)

5.2. Net migration = immigration – emigration