What makes an effective presentation?

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What makes an effective presentation? by Mind Map: What makes an effective presentation?

1. Humor can be highly effective in getting the audience engaged, but needs to be used with discretion.

2. 1. Prepare well.

2.1. Knowledge gives you confidence; confidence makes you a better presenter.

3. 3. Know your audience.

3.1. In order for your audience to properly absorb the content of your presentation, you must cater to their expectations and needs.

4. 2. Know the content and understand your goals.

4.1. The most fundamental aspect of your presentation is the message you are trying to convey.

5. 4. Structure your presentation

5.1. Giving an effective presentation is not unlike storytelling as there is a beginning, middle, climax, and conclusion to every argument.

6. 5. Use visual aids.

6.1. Visual aids, such as a poster or power point, serve as additional means to develop your argument.

7. 6. Make it interactive.

7.1. Involving the audience makes the presentations effective. Ask the audience first to know what they know and what they do not,

8. 7. Presentation etiquette

8.1. It is essential that the speaker is well prepared and rehearsed before hand.

9. 8. Use humor discreetly.