Theoretical grammar

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Theoretical grammar by Mind Map: Theoretical grammar

1. The Grammar Structure of a Language

1.1. Synthetic languages are defined as ones of ‘internal’ grammar of the word – most of grammatical meanings and grammatical relations of words are expressed with the help of inflexions.

1.2. Analytical languages are those of ‘external’ grammar because most grammatical meanings and grammatical forms are expressed with the help of words (will do).

2. The Morphemic Structure of the English Language

2.1. Morphemes

2.1.1. Lexical Free Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives (e.g. compress, depress, suppress) Bound (e.g. subvert, invert, convert)

2.1.2. Grammatical Free Prepositions, articles, conjunctions (e.g. at, the, and) Bound Inflectional Derivetional

3. The Grammatical Categories

3.1. Aspect

3.2. Number

3.3. Case

3.4. Gender

3.5. Person

3.6. Tense

3.7. Degree

3.8. Voice

3.9. Mood

4. Syntax

4.1. Minor

4.1.1. Phrase According to the part of speech constituents Noun phrase Verb phrase Adverb phrase Adjective phrase Gerund phrase Prepositional phrase Invinitive phrase According to the notional value of their constituents Agreement Adjoinment Government Enclosure According to the nominative value of their constituents Notional Functional Formative

4.2. Major

4.2.1. Sentence Structure Simple Compound Complex Compound-complex The types of sentence Declarative Exclamatory Imperative Interrogative

5. The Parts of Speech

5.1. Notional and functional parts of speech

5.1.1. The Noun The grammatical categories of noun: Number, Case

5.1.2. The Adjectives Types of adjectives; the grammatical categories of degrees of comparison

5.1.3. Pronoun The grammatical categories of pronoun: gender, case, number, person

5.1.4. The Adverb The types of adverbs; the grammatical categories of degrees of comparison

5.1.5. The Verb The grammatical categories of verb: tense, aspect, mood, voice(transitive verbs)

6. Language and Speech Levels

6.1. Phonological/phonetical level: phoneme/phone

6.2. Morphological level: morpheme/morph

6.3. Lexicological level: lexeme/lex

6.4. Syntax- minor: sentence

6.5. Syntax- major: text