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1. Trend of R&D Expenditure Worldwide

1.1. R&D has a special economic significance apart from its conventional association with scientific and technological development

1.2. Advantage of R&D - Reduce the reliance of imported technology and increase competitive of the country

1.3. R&D Facilities by country and industry and their locations - 251 Japanese R&D facilities in US far outnumber the US R&D facilities in other countries. It describes as 36% of the 715 total foreign-owned facilities

1.4. Malaysian S&T system - a) Main drivers of Malaysia's scientific and technological efforts are public sector research system comprising research universities and the private industry sector. b) Public sector R&D funding is managed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

2. Trend of Patent Registration Worldwide

2.1. Patent is a right granted to anyone who invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture or composition og matter or any new and useful improvement thereof.

2.2. Trend of Patent Registration Worldwide - a) Globalization of patent activity which is patenting activity is a useful indicator of R&D output and technical change overtime. b) Main advantages of patent compared with other global technology indicator such as R&D expenditures are that they are available over a long period of time and can be broken down to statistical detail according to geographic location and technical area.

3. Building Innovation Community

3.1. A) Annual Eexpenditures

3.2. B) Research Institutes, Technology and Innovation Centers

3.3. C) Collaboration research with Industry

3.4. D) Innovation Assistance

3.5. E) S&T Information

3.6. F) Incubators

3.7. G) Spin-Off

3.8. H) Innovation Forum

3.9. I) Re-Skilling Programs

4. Towards Entrepreneurial R&D

4.1. 1) Staff revenue from intellect property (IP)

4.2. 2) Bonus from joint ventures

4.3. 3) Spin-Off Assistance (Training)

4.4. 4) Staff can take equity

4.5. 5) Org. can take equity