Uses of fungi

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Fungi by Mind Map: Fungi

1. Food: Fungi can be used by itself as food or as a form of fermentation for primary products or food to become edible or more tasty. Here are some examples of fungi in food.

1.1. Penicillium roqueforti is used to make blue cheese.

1.2. Saccaromyces cerevesiae it is used as yeast in the process of fermentation of alcoholic beverages and bread.

1.3. Ustilago maydis is a corn fungus used in traditional cooking in Mexico, it´s known for it´s bitter yet delicious taste.

2. Drugs: Fungi are famous for producing a wide range of different metabolites, many of which have been exploited for pharmaceutical applications.

2.1. Penicillium chrysogenum inhibits bacterial cell walls, it i used as an anti biotic to treat bacterial infections.

2.2. Pleuro mutilin is a diterpene antibiotic produced by the basidiomycete Clitopilus passeckerianus.

2.3. Ergotamine is a vasoconstricting ergot alkaloid from Claviceps purpurea. Ergotamine is used to treat migraine type headaches.

3. Industry: Numerous fungi are helpful to humans and have been exploited both industrially and commercially.

3.1. Soil fertility: Decomposition of litter and wood, mainly in the forest, takes place by the combined action of diffe­rent type of fungi.

3.2. Plant nutrition: Several fungal members like Rhizoctonia, Tricholoma, Boletus, Phallus, Amanita etc., associated with the roots of higher plants form mycorrhizal relationship.

3.3. As an insecticide: Fungi like Cordyceps melonthae, are used as insecticides to control different types of insects.