Patient Health Information

Healthcare information technologies.

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Patient Health Information by Mind Map: Patient Health Information

1. Electronic Health Record

1.1. EPIC

1.2. Meditech

1.3. Cerner

2. Electronic Image Storage

2.1. Picture Archive and Communication System.

2.2. Also known as PACS

2.3. Stores Diagnostic Imaging information.

3. Medication Dispensing Units

3.1. AKA Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC)

3.1.1. Pyxis

3.1.2. Tug

4. Surgery Robotics

4.1. Takes patient information from imaging and other sources to assist with surgery.

5. Telehealth

5.1. Available from all types of providers from primary care providers to mental health providers.

5.2. Online portal that allows patients to connect with providers at home or on the go.

6. Automated Patient Systems

6.1. Automatic IV pumps

6.2. Heart Monitors

6.3. Glucose meters

6.4. Pain medication pumps

6.5. Insulin pumps

6.6. Pacemakers