Project plan

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Project plan by Mind Map: Project plan

1. Error analysis

1.1. Is the type of linguistic analysis on the error

2. A shift of interest

2.1. The conceptualization and significance of errors took an different role

3. Errors can be a red flags

3.1. They provide windows onto a system

3.2. Research on child language

4. Role of native languages

4.1. Reference to some external norm

4.2. Taken from the perspective of a learner

4.3. Target structure and what the learner was actually attempting to produce

5. The consistent deviations

5.1. Many steps taken in conducting an error analysis

5.2. Collect data Identify errors Classify errors Quantify errors Analyze source Remediate

5.3. Error provides a broader range

6. Error analysis

6.1. New Topic

6.2. Was directed at its total reliance

6.3. Errors and nonerrors is far more regard to the contral speakers

7. Second language acquisition

7.1. The distance between the way of native language and the way of target language

7.1.1. Learners don't use the construction with great frequency

8. Reasonable assumption

8.1. Learned that these verbs require an infintival complement

9. Another problem

9.1. 1_relating to the source of errors

9.1.1. That belonging to source or another

9.2. Make a category called ambiguous goofs

9.2.1. Defined as those that can be categorized as interference

9.3. It is resonable to say that there must always be a single etiologly for errors

10. There are various functions of articles in English

10.1. Yielded a number of studies in which patterns of acquisition