Personal Learning Network (Apps)

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Personal Learning Network (Apps) by Mind Map: Personal Learning Network (Apps)

1. Useful apps that I have

1.1. Watch/browsing

1.1.1. Pinterest search up an image that gives out information about what you want to look at and it will suggest an image for you

1.1.2. Safari you can search up a website you want look at there and get information or read something that you want to learn about

1.1.3. Youtube You can search up a video that you want to look at and you can learn ang get information there

1.2. Schools

1.2.1. Teams it helps gives me information about what my teacher wants me to do on a specific assignment

1.2.2. Enver Creek 2 Go tells you what's goin to happen this week at school (spirit weeks) tells you info about Covid-19 protocols at school

1.3. Health

1.3.1. helps you keep track of you heartbeat and your health

1.4. Night Sky

1.4.1. identify stars/planets/constellations and satellite above us and get information or learn about it

1.5. moovit

1.5.1. its an app that helps me look at buses that are running, using that app gives me information about the bus that can help me get to the mall or school

1.6. Social Media

1.6.1. Snapchat Snapchat has a Discover Page where you can watch videos about anything and you can watch someone teaching you something

1.6.2. Tiktok You can watch a short video of someone telling you information about anything (eg. zodiac signs)

2. non-useful apps i have

2.1. V LIVE

2.2. Netlix

2.3. SHEIN

2.4. PicsArt

2.5. Instagram

2.6. Among us

2.7. Skipthedishes

2.8. messenger

2.9. YesStyle

2.10. HouseParty

3. Useful Apps I DONT have

3.1. Health/fitness

3.1.1. Lumosity: Brain training learn how you mind or brain works. Its fun and a way to interact with your brain more.

3.1.2. refelectly- Journal & AI Diary helps you deal with negativity thoughts and increase your positivity. Uses positivity psychology mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.

3.1.3. First Aid they have information about how to put on bandage if someone is hurt. they also have quizzes to make sure you know or you've learned something

3.2. School/productivity

3.2.1. Duolingo

3.2.2. Udemy Helps you learn like how to play guitar or get information about starting your own business. allows you to access videos about courses that your learning

3.2.3. Khan Academy learning library app where you can read and learn or get information your itrested in

3.2.4. Oxford Dictionary gives you the meaning of a word that you don't know and it helps you understand it

3.2.5. Quizlet it gives information about stuff that you want to learn and helps you study it.

3.2.6. Coursera: Learn new skills its a great way to learn or attend courses with the professors from Harvard and Stanford teaching for free

3.2.7. IXL helps you learn math and it lets you pick a specific grade level and you can learn stuff you might learn at school in your grade

3.3. News/article

3.3.1. TED Check out the newest or latest trend or browse a topic you want to get information about or select a topic from their curators' picks

3.3.2. Feedly you can watch YouTube videos here and read an article your interested in and get information there