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CRIME by Mind Map: CRIME

1. Homicide

1.1. killing another person on purpose

2. Murder

2.1. killing someone on purpose

3. Robbery

3.1. stealing large amounts of money with force or violence from a bank, store, etc.

4. Assault

4.1. attacking someone physically

5. Arson

5.1. sets fire to other people's property illegally

6. Assassination

6.1. kills people for political reasons, or in return for payment

7. Bigamy

7.1. marrying someone when you are already married to another person

8. Bombing

8.1. detonating an explosive device with the plan of harming people or property

9. Burglary

9.1. breaking into a house in order to steal something

10. Blackmail

10.1. threatening to reveal someone’s secrets if a lot of money is not paid

11. Burglary

11.1. breaking into a house in order to steal something

12. Child abuse

12.1. treating a child badly in a physical, emotional, or sexual way

13. Cybercrime

13.1. doing something illegal over the Internet or a computer system

14. Drunk driving

14.1. driving with too much alcohol in your blood

15. Vandalism

15.1. destroying private or public property purposely

16. Shoplifting

16.1. stealing something from a store

17. Smuggling

17.1. taking things secretly in or out of a place, country, jail, etc.

18. Rape

18.1. forcing someone to have sex

19. Speeding

19.1. driving above the speed limit

20. Terrorism

20.1. using violence, threats, or fear, usually for political purposes

21. Kidnapping

21.1. taking someone away by force, often demanding money for their safe return

22. Theft

22.1. stealing, in general

23. Mugging

23.1. attacking someone with a plan to rob them

24. Hit and run

24.1. not stopping to help a person hurt in an accident caused by you

25. Poaching

25.1. hunting illegally