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Mappa inglese by Mind Map: Mappa inglese

1. Anglo Saxon poety was written in old English

1.1. Caedmon's hymn, a religious poem composed in the seventh century in whitby

1.2. Was centred around religious subjects and was inspired by christianity

1.2.1. Elegy The most famous among Anglo Saxon elegies is the seafarer

1.3. Composed between 600 and 800 ce

1.3.1. Beowulf,an epic poems belonging to the oral tradition and transcribed by a monk in the ninth century Beowulf is a Scandinavian prince characterised by bravery, integrity and altruism

2. From the 5th century to 1485

2.1. Many factors influenced the birth and the velopment of English literature

2.1.1. Anglo saxon

2.2. 1066

2.2.1. Interest in chivalrie themes such as love honour and loyalty Re artu Epic poetry and gave voice to a deep sense of nostalgia The Canterbury tales (Chaucer)4th Is a masterpiece that contributed to raising English literature to the same levels as other European literatures

3. The Anglo Saxon age

3.1. Anglo Saxon invasion

3.1.1. Most famous anglo saxon poems Beowulf

3.2. Spread of christianity in England

3.2.1. Epic poetry, the elegy, religious and chronicles

4. The epic and the elegy