Caste System

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Caste System by Mind Map: Caste System

1. Brahmins

1.1. Priests & Teachers

1.2. The "highest caste"; well respected

1.3. 48% earn above National Average

2. Kshatriyas

2.1. Warriors & Rulers

2.2. Well respected as are in authority

3. Vaishyas

3.1. Farmers, Traders and Merchants

3.2. The third in hierarchy but well respected

4. Shudras

4.1. Labourers, Street sweepers, Latrine cleaners

4.2. The "untouchables". Inhumane treatment

4.3. Just 20% earn above national average

5. Inequality in income

5.1. ST households have one of the lowest MCEs in rural settings

5.2. SCs constitute nearly 18-20 percent of India’s population; but wealth, 11 percentage points less than their population share

5.3. According to IHDS - only 20% SC/ST households

6. Disparities which lead to income inequality

6.1. SC/ST's continue to be among the most illiterate

6.2. Despite many reforms, they are still looked down upon in many places

6.3. The new bill passed on Jan, 2019 by the central government, further reduces the oppurtunities for the lower castes